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First Aid Station (FAS)

zum Artikel Description of the Swiss and Austrian System of handling patients in case of mass accidents (First Aid Station; Sanitätshilfsstelle) developed by Bruno Hersche
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Hurricane Katrina Sept. 2005

zum Artikel Wenker O.: Houston’s Disaster Relief Efforts To Help Evacuees Escaping From The Damage

Duff C.: Volunteer Services For Katrina Victims: A Personal Story
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Case reports

zum Artikel • Lassing Mining Accident (17.7.98)
• Gas Explosion in Wilhelmsburg (2.12.99)
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Casualty Handling System (CHS)

zum Artikel Casualty Handling System (CHS) for mass accidents developed by Bruno Hersche
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Principles of Hospital Disaster Planning

zum Artikel Chaos cannot be prevented during the first minutes of a major accident or disaster. But it has to be the aim of every disaster operation plan to keep this time as short as possible.
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